Spraying Update August 2023

The Sutter Yuba Mosquito & Vector Control District is experiencing a surge of mosquitoes in late August 2023. We expect elevated numbers to persist through the Labor Day weekend and then begin to dramatically improve. The mosquitoes we see this time of year fly to town areas seeking a bloodmeal and then shelter, as fall is nearly upon us. District residents should know that we are spraying at the following times and locations…

Truck based town areas of Wheatland, Plumas Lake, Olivehurst, Linda, East Marysville, South and West Yuba City, Tierra Buena, Sutter, and Live Oak

Thursday mornings between 3:30 AM and 6:00 AM. Robbins and Meridian are sprayed on Tuesday nights.

In town areas where detections of West Nile virus have been made, an additional morning is scheduled on Tuesdays.

Johnson Park, Olivehurst, Marysville, North Plumas Lake, Live Oak, Tierra Buena, South and West Yuba City, and Sutter

Truck based spraying in agriculture on Tuesday nights

In and around South Yuba County, Hallwood, Nicolaus, south of Live Oak, west of Yuba City, around Robbins, and around Meridian

Spraying by air is occurring in agricultural areas of the District where mosquitoes are accumulating.

Tuesdays- near Live Oak and Plumas Lake

Wednesdays- near District 10, Hallwood, Wheatland and Rio Oso

Thursdays- south and west of Yuba City

To reduce exposure to mosquito bites, residents can limit their outdoor activity during peak biting times at dawn and dusk, wear long sleeves and long pants, and apply mosquito repellant. Keeping window and door screens in good repair help keep mosquitoes from entering the house.

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