The District office and yard is located at 701 Bogue Road, Yuba City, CA. We currently have a staff of 14 permanent employees and annually hire 12 – 16 seasonal or summer employees. All of our management and permanent staff maintain certification issued by the California Department of Health Services in mosquito and vector control.

District staff operates and maintains a fleet of surveillance and specialty vehicles used for the surveillance and treatment of mosquitoes and mosquito sources. The District is a member of the Mosquito and Vector Control Association and works in cooperation with such agencies and institutions as: other California Mosquito Abatement and Mosquito and Vector Control Districts; the local Health Departments; County Agricultural Commissioner offices; the University of California labs and research departments and the California Department of Health Services. 

The primary goal of the District is to conduct field surveillance to facilitate the detection and control of mosquitoes in order to suppress their populations and prevent the transmission of mosquito-borne diseases. We also provide consultation and assistance for other vectors of public health importance such as; flies, fleas, ticks, and their associated diseases as resources allow.

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