Neglected Swimming Pools

Why is the District so serious about my backyard swimming pool? Neglected, unmaintained and abandoned swimming pools and spas have become a big problem in many cities and municipalities through out California. Sutter and Yuba Counties are no different. An un-maintained pool has the potential to raise tens of thousands of mosquitoes over the mosquito season. The mosquito species produced in these pools is a primary vector of West Nile virus. A situation where people and West Nile virus vectors exist so close to each other presents an elevated human disease risk. The Sutter-Yuba Mosquito and Vector Control District continues to pro-actively address this ongoing problem.

Each season the District employs an aerial photography contractor to identify backyard mosquito sources. Through the months of June and July staff goes to each home where a photo indicates a possible breeding source to check it. There are no penalties, charges or fees to inspect or treat a swimming pool or other backyard mosquito breeding source. District policy is to visually check each pool that comes up suspect, even though a pool may have been made ready for swimming since the photo was taken. No information unrelated to the resident’s pool is collected. The swimming pool check is quick and easy. Our uniformed staff will always ask for permission before entering or inspecting a property. Green pools and other sources that are raising mosquitoes are treated with environmentally friendly materials that will not harm swimmers should the pool be later cleaned and made ready for swimming. Additional questions can be directed to our office.

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