District Staff helping pool owners eliminate mosquitoes

Beginning June 11th, 2015 District staff will begin visiting homes where suspect pools have been identified.  Technicians will be wearing a photo ID and be dressed in tan uniforms. Once consent has been given for vector control technicians to enter the backyard, a pool can be quickly and easily treated. There is no penalty, fine or charge for inspecting or treating mosquito producing pools.Treatments take just minutes and will last all summer. The pool can at any time later be made ready for swimming if the owner chooses to do so. Pools are identified by aerial photograpy. Occasionally a maintained pool is mis-identified as suspect. Dark bottom pools and pebble tech finishes can appear to be green or unmaintained. Technicians make their visits during the daytime. When contact can not be made, an attempt is made during the evening. District policy is to visually inspect every suspect pool, as even one mosquito producing pool can raise 100,000 mosquitoes over the summer. That many mosquitoes can make backyard barbeques and parties no fun for residents in their neighborhood. Of particular concern is that the mosquitoes produced in neglected swimming pools can transmit West Nile virus. Co-operation is key in quickly reducing the mosquitoes produced in these backyards.

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