Green Pools a Priority

Why does the District make such a big effort to identify and treat green swimming pools?
A neglected swimming pool is perfect breeding habitat for mosquitoes. One pool can produce hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes over a summer. Urban mosquito production has become a bigger cause for concern since 2003, when West Nile virus entered the State of California. Not every species of mosquito is a good transmitter of West Nile virus. Unfortunately, the species produced in a neglected green pool is very good at transmitting the virus. In fact, it is the primary mosquito responsible for transmission. So the District puts a lot of effort into finding and treating these pools. 

Each season in late May or early June, the District contracts with an aerial photography service to fly the urban areas in Sutter and Yuba County. Green swimming pools, spas and ornamental ponds are identified and forwarded to the District, where staff will contact residents to inspect and when necessary, treat the problem pools. There is no penalty or charge for owners, renters or residents of a home where a pool is not being maintained. So residents and neighbors are encouraged to report green pools. If you have a green pool, your co-operation will reduce the risk of getting sick from West Nile virus for you, your family and your neighbors.

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