Aerial Photography to Take Place

During the week of May 25 through 29 the Sutter-Yuba Mosquito and Vector Control District will be utilizing an aerial photography service to identify abandoned, neglected and green pools, spas and ponds in the urban areas of the District. A fixed wing airplane will make several passes over resedential areas from a high altitude to locate suspect mosquito breeding sources. The photographs will be used by District staff to direct them to residences where mosquitoes may be breeding. 
Mosquitoes produced in backyard sources are capable of transmitting West Nile virus. Neglected swimming pools have become a high priority as each pool can produce over 100,000 mosquitoes during the season. There is no penalty, fine or charge to residents. Distict staff can quickly and easily treat a pool one time that will last all season. At any time the pool can be made ready for swimming. No other information will be collected or stored regarding the property.

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