Due to detection of mosquito-borne disease and/or elevated mosquito abundance in the community of South Yuba City a new ground fog route has been added. Ground fogging has been added for tonight, Thursday, July 26, 2018 beginning at dusk. The Sutter-Yuba Mosquito and Vector Control District will be spraying the areas depicted below each Monday night and will continue weekly in the evening until the risk of mosquito-borne disease has been significantly reduced or eliminated. Additionally, Sutter town fog routes will now be sprayed twice weekly, with Monday night spraying to begin tonight. Sutter will continue on a Monday and Thursday evening spray schedule until the risk of mosquito-borne disease has been significantly reduced or eliminated. The work will be performed using truck mounted foggers equipped with an amber colored flashing light. Spraying will begin at sunset and last no longer than 3 hours. All treatments are dependent on appropriate weather conditions. The District will be applying a permethrin product labeled for use in recreational and residential areas and neighborhoods. This material is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency and applied according to label directions by the District’s trained and certified technicians and contractors. Although the material poses a low risk to human health, some people may prefer to avoid or minimize exposure by staying indoors, keeping their windows closed and turning off their window –mounted air conditioners, evaporative coolers and whole house fans when spraying is taking place in the immediate area. You can obtain additional information about spray operations by calling the District office at 674-5456 ext. 0 between the hours of 7 AM to 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday or by visiting the District website. Residents are strongly encouraged to limit outdoor activities during peak mosquito feeding times at dawn and dusk. When outside and mosquitoes are biting, wear long sleeves and long pants and apply a mosquito repellent. Keep mosquitoes outside of your home by making sure that door and window screens are in good repair.


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