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We are not spraying for mosquitoes around individual homes at this time.

 Upon request, we are spraying in enclosed shops, warehouses and barns only. Warmer winter weather has awakened hibernating mosquitoes and they are out looking for a bloodmeal. Mosquitoes are not laying eggs, nor producing new broods of mosquitoes this time of year, as the water they need to breed in is too cold. These mosquitoes are active and biting in the afternoons. Treating around a home will kill some of them, however by the next afternoon, the problem will be just as bad. Mounting a larger campaign with fogging trucks will be largely ineffective. The mosquitoes return to their hiding places at dark, where our sprays would not reach them. The good news is the mosquito species that is out (Anopheles freeborni) does not transmit West Nile virus. Typically the wintertime mosquito problem is temporary as they return to hibernation in March.  When you need to be outside for a period of time and mosquitoes are biting, long sleeves and long pants are a must. Repellants are also an effective means of preventing bites. Please check back later to see when we will be spraying upon request as normal through our summer program.


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